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CPU LLC. releases updated iOS Apple Mobile App July 6th, 2020 for iOS 13.x!


CPU LLC. releases Operations Software Suite version 14.0 May 11th, 2020 with great new features! Check out the news for more!


In this unprecidented time, CPU LLC assures all of it's customers that CPU is here and ready to support you during this time. Please call us anytime at 504-456-7446 for any SCADA, Measurement or Cloud monitoring needs!


CPU® LLC provides Operations Softwarwe Suite (OSS), which is an all emcompansing Digital Software Platform for all customers needs from the device to the back-office Accounting system! And OSS can be deployed in the Cloud or in a private network!

OSS is the only solution that provides a full stack of off-the-shelf technology that handles everything from the device to Business Intelligence Dashboards. OSS offers many solutions for Oil and Gas Production, Midstream, Water-Wastewater, Power and Utilities and much more! And all of this is offered as both an Owned system or as a Cloud or SaaS system!

CPU's Operations Software Suite contains:

RelationalSCADA® for all of your SCADA requirements,
eFCAS Measurement for all Measurement needs,
Corporate Reporting to report on everything SCADA and Measurement plus anything else required,
Enterprise Data Collection to collect data from thousands of devices of all kinds,
Remote Monitoring and Cloud capability.

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