Surrounding CPU's Operations Software Suite (OSS) is an integrated reporting package built into the suite. There are two components of the OSS Reporting:

Traditional Reporting
Object Reporting

Both the Traditional and Object Report Editors are built directly into the OSS Client so users with the correct privileges can edit the reports whenever required.

Traditional Reporting

Traditional Reporting uses SQL queries and report forms to create traditional static reports for regulatory bodies, production information and many other reasons.

OSS is delivered with a set of standard traditional reports for Monthly Production, Alarm Logs, Event Logs, Audit Logs, and more. OSS can handle any manor of custom reports. Reports can be per meter run, per flow computer, per field, or per company. Production reports become very easy with OSS.

OSS Reports can be run by users as well as automatically run on a schedule and e-mailed so your reports are delivered to you in a standard fashion. Reports can also be exported as PDFs, HTML, CSV and XML.

Object Reporting

RelationalSCADA Object Reporting allows users to craft real-time reports, real-time history reports and specialized reports, all based on OSS Objects, into the perfect report tailored just for your company.

It is the most powerful reporting tool on the market. eFCAS Reports can do amazing things. An example would be a Morning Production Report with not only just production but balanced with flare and buy-back gas subtracted as well as all production allocated to the partners in the facility.

Report Editing

Both Traditional Reports and Object Reports are easily edited and customized directly in the OSS Client. Thus, the integration with a third-party report editor is eliminated. For traditional reports, a SQL editor and tester is built into the OSS Client.

Traditional reports can be customized by running a report and clicking on the edit button. The report editor will appear and fields from the SQL Query can be dragged onto the report form. Template reports can be made as well for repeatability and ease of configuration.

For the newer and more powerful Object Reports, reports are quickly and easily edited through our Object Report Editor. There is no need to create SQL queries because as you drag and drop new object components on the report form, the OSS RelationalSCADA component decides what your requirement needs are and meets them.

Object reports can be real-time and update automatically or they can be historical and pull up data from history. Components in the report are easily modified similarly to Microsoft Word so it is very easy to create or edit a report.