Cloud-based SCADA and
Measurement Solutions

Operations Software Suite's Cloud moves the server base of the SCADA and Measurement System to the cloud with all of the power still on the client side while cutting costs and increasing reliability. It gives you all of the power of the entire OSS Suite without the upfront costs.

OSS Cloud allows users the ability to collect both real-time and full audit trail data without the maintenance of a full-time IT department. Remotely monitor AND control your field through your desktop, browser, tablet or phone easily and with no maintenance. Configure callouts to Water and Oil companies that it is time to unload the tanks. Create callouts when the well is shut-in or for any monitored point.

Service Model
OSS Cloud works as a Software as a Service (SaaS) Model. This model provides the server side of the OSS Suite to you the customer, for a small nominal fee per device (device/meter run.) It is a flat fee per device with no extra fees.

The maintenance for RelationalSCADA Cloud is invisible to the user. RelationalSCADA Cloud eliminates the need to have an Information Technology (IT) staff in place to do backups, restores, etc. All of that is taken care of by CPU.

With the low entry costs, OSS Cloud allows you to get started at a slow pace. Once your number of monitored devices gets high and your infrastructure is able to handle the maintenance, you can easily switch to a full OSS installation of your own. OSS can grow with you and scale to a large Enterprise Application when you are ready.

An OSS Cloud Server is a stand-alone server that handles all of your needs. This server is hosted in a high-availability environment on an ultra-highly available network. The network in and out of the OSS hosted server environment is completely secure.

Contact CPU at (504) 456-7446 for a consulation or for more information.