The Operations Software Suite (OSS) Real-time Process Historian brings the right data to the right people at just the right time. Capturing and storing data without being able to easily access that data is useless. The right resources need quick and real-time access to that data to be able to make the correct decisions.

The Operations Software Suite (OSS) Real-time Process Historian provides the following:

> 200K writes per second,

More than 50 times the data compression over traditional Relational Storage,

Trillions of data points,

Millions of tags.

Big-Data Analytics for things like:

Reservoir Analysis,

Build-up Analysis,

Draw-down Analysis,

Pumper curve Analysis,

Well Testing Data,

Water Mineral Analysis,

First out Reports,

Much more!

Having the data you need at your finger tips provides:

Improved Decision Making,

Improved Efficiency,

Improved Production,

Reduced Downtime,

Improved Asset Utilization.

Use the OSS Process Historian in industries such as:

Oil and Gas,

Water and Waste Water,

Power and Utilities,


Life Sciences,

Food and Beverage,


Mining and Minerals.

If you have questions about the OSS Process Historian or would like a demonstration, please the CPU office at (504) 456-7446 and ask for sales or e-mail info@cpullc.com.