CPU's Operations Software Suite (OSS) is a Digital Platform for capturing and analyzing the data for the entire Corporation. OSS contains everything a company needs to monitor, control, historize, analyze and audit company information in a clear and safe manner. OSS is the only Suite of products that contains all of the functionality below and is fully integrated out-of-the-box.  Real-time intelligence and the Digital Oil Field have long been a goal of many companies.  OSS is the easiest and most cost effective software to bring your company into the 21st century.

OSS turns raw data into Information, combines that Information with the Knowledge of the right resources on your team, for whatever is in question, so that they can make the wisest decisions and make your company more efficient and more profitable.


OSS Components and Integrated, Out-of-the-box Features:

• Real-time data collection,
• SCADA HMI - Local and Remote,
• System built through Asset Model/Meta-Data layer,
• Built-in Process Historian,
• Integrated, built-in real-time protocol drivers and data collection,
• Real-time Alarming,
• Real-time Call-outs,
• Real-time Trending from tag screens, HMI/Mimics and more,
• Advanced Real-time Trending through Linear Analysis, Visual Data Scrubbing and X-Y Plots.

eFCAS Measurement
• Flow Measurement Archive/Audit-Trail data collection,
• Out-of-the-box Electronic Flow Measurement Historian,
Measurement Desktop Client,
• Audit Trail KPIs (Key Performance Indicators),
Audit Trail Recalculations,
Meter Composition Utility,
Automated Monthly and Partner Reporting.

Enterprise Reporting
• Flow Measurement Archive/Audit-Trail data collection,
• Out-of-the-box Electronic Flow Measurement Historian,
• Report data and information from any Relational Database within your organization.

Data Analytics and Mining
• Powerful and advanced trending from anywhere,
• Analyze data instantly, as it comes in,
• Trend data from history as far back as the online data,
• Analyze up to 10 channels/points per trend,
• Analyze both tags vs. tags as well as tags vs. time.

Field Data Capture
• Integrate real-time, well-testing and manual data,
• Visualization of data in highly customizable environment,
• Visualize data by site, route or the entire company,
• Drill-down screens to get to the root cause of an issue.

Business Intelligence
• Executive Dashboards,
• Meta-data layerLocation Intelligence,
• Interactive - real-time reports,
• Location Intelligence.

For more information, a free web-demo, a trial use of our software, or just a consultation, call CPU at 504-456-7446.