eFCAS Manage Composition™ Utility



eFCAS™ — is unique - it is the only solution on the market that handles everything from Real-time and EFM Audit Trail Data Collection, Measurement and SCADA Operations, Production Accounting as well as Customized Production Reporting, KPIs and other Corporate Reporting. The eFCAS scalable system architecture provides field technicians, production managers, reservoir engineers, and accounting staff timely access to accurate natural gas measurement information, improving operations and facilitating regulatory compliance requirements such as API 21, FERC 636, Directive 17, EPAP and Sarbanes-Oxley.

eFCAS Manage Composition™ utility is very useful for producers that have many gas wells, sometimes thousands, whose production is monitored by EFMs, but do not have Gas Chromatographs connected to the EFMs for downloading the gas composition. Field personnel must take periodic samples, to be analyzed by a laboratory, which then reports the composition for a particular meter back to the field. This information must then be downloaded to the particular EFM so it can perform calculations correctly.

Benefit to the Enterprise
Gas Sampling can be a daunting and very time consuming task for producers. The use of the eFCAS Manage Composition™ utility can save producers hundreds of man-hours annually by:

  • Managing all gas compositions for eFCAS™ Meters,
  • Uploading all gas compositions quickly and easily,
  • Validating all gas compositions quickly and easily,
  • Providing Group/Edit/Print/Sort/Filter capability for thousands of meters, and
  • Importing gas composition data from spreadsheets, CSV files and other systems like ProTrend.

eFCAS Manage Composition™ Utility Screen