eFCAS — is unique - it is the only solution on the market that handles everything from Real-time and EFM Audit Trail Data Collection, Measurement and SCADA Operations, Production Accounting as well as Customized Production Reporting, KPIs and other Corporate Reporting. The eFCAS scalable system architecture provides field technicians, production managers, reservoir engineers, and accounting staff timely access to accurate natural gas measurement information, improving operations and facilitating regulatory compliance requirements such as API 21, FERC 636, Directive 17, EPAP and Sarbanes-Oxley.

eFCAS automatically collects real-time and historical meter data from electronic flow measurement computers—using device-specific protocol—and stores it in a secure database. This data, which includes flow data, gas analysis, events, and characteristics, is then available to the enterprise. Electronic Flow Meter (EFM) Data from all meters are viewed in exactly the same format, regardless of the variety of brands of models of the flow computers.

Rapid Identification of Issues with Alarm Summary, Trending and Problem Summary Screens
eFCAS helps users work more efficiently by supporting real-time updates of Alarms and Real-time data, the use of Trending and the Problem Summary screen, and eFCAS Mimics.

EFM Data Editing and Recalculation
eFCAS presents tabular and graphical views of edited EFM data and original EFM data. eFCAS securely stores original data—which cannot be edited—along with the edited data. All data editing is tracked in an audit trail, capturing user’s name, time of, and reasons for changes. eFCAS recalculates volumes using the latest AGA standards. Following validation, data can be transferred to corporate information systems.

When a user selects specific data for editing, the user is presented with a table containing volume and—depending on user preferences—parameters such as pressure, delta pressure, temperature, and specific gravity values for each sample. The table may be scrolled in either direction, using scroll bars, or dragging a selection. Markers between rows in the table indicate the start and end of each contract day for the selected meter run.

Secure Date Storage
All data including real-time and both sets of EFM data, original and edited, are stored in a secure, enterprise SQL database.

Tabular and Graphical Views of EFM Data

The tabular and graphical views of EFM data , gas analysis, and characteristics are presented identically for both viewing and editing, but editing features are removed if a user does not have edit privilege for a given flow computer. Users may select which parameters are displayed in tables, and in which order. Users may also print ranges of tabular data, ranges of graphical data, or detail for a given sample.

Missing data is indicated in the tabular views, with time stamps for any missing entries, corresponding to the sample interval for the flow computer. Missing data that is Uncollected, and Suspect data, are visually different from each other and from known good data.

The eFCAS advanced reporting system allows the user to Custom Daily Production Reports as well as Allocations. It also allows the user to use the standard eFCAS reports or user-developed ad-hoc reports.