X-Y Plots, also known as Scatter Plots, Point-vs.-Point Plots, are an essential addition to the Operations Software Suite. The X-Y Plots are used frequently for analyzing dyna-card data such as dynagraphs, both down-hole and surface.

X-Y Plots allow Reservoir Engineers and Production Engineers to easily view one Tag vs. another Tag vs Time for a given time range. The user can grab the Time axis on top of the plot and drag it left or right manually to see how the points line up versus time. Furthermore, the user can also expand the view of the time range for the data to get a different view based on the user preference. Unlike a standard Scatter plot, the Operations Software Suite X-Y Plots also allow the ability to 'play' a movie for the data in the time period. This is a feature that is like none-other and gives the users valuable information that is unparalleled in the industry.

It has been stated that CPU's Operations Software Suite X-Y Plots "Are the best X-Y Plots that we have ever seen before."

X-Y Plot Applications
  • Dynagraphs for surface and down-hole. Artificial Lift for Rod-pump analysis - Load vs. Position,
  • Reservoir Analysis - Tubing Pressure vs. Annulus Pressure,
  • Gas Applications - Gas Flow Rate vs. Water Levels,
  • Production Analysis - Temperature vs. Depth, Temperature vs. Production, or Steam vs. Temperature,
  • And endless other scenarios.