Well testing is performed for different reasons depending on the type of well, its physical location,
and governmental reporting requirements. Regardless of the situation, all well tests typically follow
a general multistep process or life-cycle.

The Situation
For most customers, the difficulties associated with well testing have to deal with integrating multiple specialized applications from different vendors to achieve a complete solution. This is even more apparent when customers have wells across different types of environments. Generally, the data collection systems (DCS/SCADA) do not provide facilities to define well test scenarios and manage their execution. Most well test systems do not provide data collection capabilities and therefore require the raw data to be imported from the data collection system. In addition, these test systems often do not provide the ability to control and track the approval of the results or generation of reports for users in the enterprise.

Another aspect of the well testing life-cycle deals with management of the users and their roles within each phase of the well testing process. Linking the users to their roles and enforcing these privileges must be managed across the various applications. In addition, some of the vendors of these specialized applications do not support role based security.

The Solution
eFCAS RelationalSCADA™ provides a comprehensive well testing solution within a single product suite. This innovative solution allows customers to configure the system to meet their needs in each of the phases of the well testing life-cycle through a common user interface and data store eliminating the difficulties and costs of integrating several different solutions together.

Test Scenarios
eFCAS provides a simple interface to create and modify well test scenarios. The user is not required to have any scripting or programming skills to define the well test scenarios. Using objects, the foundation of RelationalSCADA, the user is able to link the scenario to the separator and wells used during the test and the results that are generated.

Text Execution and Approval
Customers can control which users can define test scenarios, execute the tests, and approve the results by enabling one or more of the three privileges in security groups linked to the users. An interface, implemented with eFCAS™ Mimics, is provided out of the box to allow users to manage well tests from initiation to approval.

Test Reporting
With eFCAS, well test result reports can be delivered to all interested departments within a customer’s organization without any custom development. Example report templates are provided out of the box with the product. Since these reports are implemented as eFCAS™ Mimics, customers can modify the default templates or build their own with little effort or expense.

Well Analysis
Since eFCAS collects the data and has advanced trending built into the product, build-ups, shut-ins, and long term production can be analyzed directly from eFCAS. Linear analysis, Peak-to-Peak cursors, Vertical cursors and visual data scrubbing can be used to analyze wellbore health, reservoir health and much more.