eFCAS Virtual Flow Computer Module


Having Virtual Flow Computer (VFC) functionality may be required in many cases but especially where there is a DCS collecting data but no Flow Computing device to calculate volumetric flow that meets Regulatory Compliance requirements.

Supported Calculations and Meter Types
  • AGA 3 (1985,1992) – Orifice – Liquid, Gas and Steam,
• AGA 8 (G1, G2, Detailed),
• AGA 7 – Turbine – Liquid and Gas,
• AGA 9 –Ultrasonic – Liquid and Gas,
• AGA 11 – Coriolis – Liquid and Gas,
• ISO 5167 – Liquid and Gas,
• ANSI 109.1 – Diaphram - Gas,
• ANSI 109.3 – Rotary - Gas,
• MPMS 12.3 Liquid Shrinkages,
• Net Standard Volume (NSV) – Liquid Volume Calculations (MPMS 11.1, 11.2, 11.4)
    • Water/Steam,
• Crude Oil,
• Refined Products:
      • Fuel Oils,
• Jet Fuels,
• Transition Zone,
• Gasolines,
    • Lubricating Oils,
• NGLs,
• LPGs.

VFC Inputs

The eFCAS Virtual Flow Computer Module takes real-time inputs into the system and rolls them into Historical Hourly and Daily Records into the eFCAS Secure Database. The VFC module also creates Event records when a change is made to the configuration of the Virtual Meter either from the eFCAS HMI or from input configuration data. These combined keep an audit trail in compliance with API 21 and Directive 17 which can enable the user to be compliant where they were not prior to installation.


The VFC deployment is very cost effective and can be rapidly deployed. For those situations where EFMs are not available but real-time data is being collected, eFCAS VFC Module is easily justified and ROI is instant.

Furthermore, using the eFCAS Suite of products, traditional measurement of gas and liquids is seamlessly integrated with the Virtual Measurement.