eFCAS — is unique - it is the only solution on the market that handles everything from Real-time and EFM Audit Trail Data Collection, Measurement and SCADA Operations, Production Accounting as well as Customized Production Reporting, KPIs and other Corporate Reporting. The eFCAS scalable system architecture provides field technicians, production managers, reservoir engineers, and accounting staff timely access to accurate natural gas measurement information, improving operations and facilitating regulatory compliance requirements such as API 21, FERC 636, Directive 17, EPAP and Sarbanes-Oxley.

eFCAS Exporter™
eFCAS™ is a complete EFM Data Management System with full EFM validation capability built into the eFCAS Editor™, and does not require any third-party validation software.

However, if the enterprise chooses to use a third-party validation software, the eFCAS Exporter™ can be used to export files to applications like Flow-Cal*, PGAS*, or ABB WinCCU* Enterprise, at no additional cost for eFCAS™ software.

As stated above, eFCAS™ is a complete EFM Data Management System, with the eFCAS Editor™ and eFCAS Secure Database comprising the heart of the system. EFM data is gathered automatically by the eFCAS Scheduler™, via the eFCAS protocol drivers and is stored in the eFCAS Secure Database for use by the entire eFCAS EFM Data Management System.

Third-party EFM Validation software is available from several vendors, each using a proprietary file import format. The eFCAS Exporter™ can access EFM information stored in the eFCAS Secure Database and export that information to one of the third party vendors in their respective file format.

The benefit to the enterprise is continued use of the third-party validation software, and a transition path for the enterprise once it decides to standardize on the eFCAS Editor™ for EFM data validation.