eFCAS — is unique - it is the only solution on the market that handles everything from Real-time and EFM Audit Trail Data Collection, Measurement and SCADA Operations, Production Accounting as well as Customized Production Reporting, KPIs and other Corporate Reporting. The eFCAS scalable system architecture provides field technicians, production managers, reservoir engineers, and accounting staff timely access to accurate natural gas measurement information, improving operations and facilitating regulatory compliance requirements such as API 21, FERC 636, Directive 17, EPAP and Sarbanes-Oxley.

eFCAS OPC Server™ Connects Any OPC DA Client to Existing eFCAS Drivers
The eFCAS Communications Drivers™ used to gather EFM historical data from flow computers are also capable of gathering real-time data from these EFMs and other devices. The eFCAS OPC Server™ facilitates the connection from third-party software that has an OPC Compliant DA Client to the eFCAS Scheduler™ and to eFCAS Communications Drivers™. This empowers SCADA systems that have OPC DA Client drivers in them to access real-time data from the eFCAS Communications Drivers™already connected to the flow computers as well as generic Modbus devices.

Benefits to the Enterprise are:
  • Reduces deployment costs for Enterprise SCADA systems,
  • Reducing integration time,
  • Standardizing real-time data access,
  • Eliminating the cost of separate third-party real-time drivers for the enterprise SCADA system(s),
  • Ensuring consistent communication between all devices and applications,
  • Providing connectivity to every major process control system, and
  • Eliminates the need for multiple communication pathways for SCADA vs Measurement, and
  • Increases communication reliability by eliminating collisions.

Real-time Data—OPC DA
eFCAS OPC Server™ uses OPC DA, to provide a standard way to access real-time data from process control hardware and software, making the communication between all devices and applications consistent.
  • Hardware—OPC DA servers for PLCs, DCSs, or other devices provide data in exactly the same format!
  • Software—HMIs, Process Historians and other applications accept OPC data in the same format. This allows all of your process control hardware and software to freely exchange data, providing enterprise-wide interoperability.


Current Real-time Data Drivers
eFCAS OPC Server™ facilitates connections from third-parties to the eFCAS Suite. It does this by accepting connections and subscriptions to data points in an EFM or other device, and then automatically configuring the eFCAS Scheduler to poll the devices. The eFCAS Communication Drivers that currently allow real-time polling of third-party devices are:
  • Fisher
  • Bristol
  • ABB TotalFlow
  • Control Microsystems SCADAPack, DLOG
  • Thermo Automate/Autopilot
  • ProSoft MVI
  • Generic Modbus
  • FlowStar DCR1000
  • Omni 3000/6000
  • Cameron GFC 332, MCIII
  • Cameron Scanner 2x00, Barton 11xx
  • Dynamic e-chart, MS4
  • Kimray

Almost every process control application supports OPC in the form of an OPC Client connection.
For more information about OPC, visit www.opcfoundation.org.




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