CPU's Operational Software Suite is like none other. It is the only solution on the market with everything for SCADA and Measurement built into the same Suite and fully integrated out-of-the-box. The RelationalSCADA OPC-UA ServerTM uses OPC-UA, to provide a standard way to access real-time data from process control hardware and software, making the communication between all devices and applications consistent.

OPC-UA Benefits to the Enterprise are:
  • Reduces deployment costs and integration time using a standard interface,
  • Standardizing real-time data access,
  • Eliminates costs of separate third-party real-time drivers for the enterprise SCADA system(s),
  • Ensuring consistent communication between all devices and applications,
  • Eliminates the need for multiple communication pathways for SCADA vs Measurement, and
  • Increases communication reliability by eliminating collisions.

For more information on the extensive list of protocol drivers from RelationalSCADA, visit www.relationaSCADA.com.
For more information about OPC, visit www.opcfoundation.org.