Why We Do It

CPU® believes in challenging the status-quo for SCADA and Measurements hosts because we know it can be done better.

What We Do

CPU® is changing the old SCADA and Measurement host Model and implementing a new paradigm based on RelationalSCADA.

eFCAS is the ultimate solution to handle:

• Upstream Oil and Gas
• Midstream Oil and Gas
Salt Water Disposal
• Plunger Lift Optimization
• Production Well Testing
Production Data Collection

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eFCAS features:

• Real-time data Collection
• Measurement/EFM history collection
• Historical Trending
• Advanced Real-time Trending
• Real-time Historian
• Alarming and Alarm Management
• Operational Mimics
• Built in Ad-Hoc Reporting


Also, where eFCAS ends, CPU's IntelliPlant product begins and
connects all of your production and plant floor data to the Enterprise.
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