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eFCASTM Operations Software Platform 10.0 is released Apr. 25th, 2016!

10.0 Features Include:
• Full 64 bit support,
• Split database configuration,
• Updated Cameron 3100 protocol driver,
• Updated ABB Totalflow protocol driver,
• Added Mercury Native RBX callouts,
• Added Local database for sub-network servers,
• Many more features.

eFCAS Operations Software Platform solution contains:

• eFCAS Upstream Oil and Gas
eFCAS Midstream Oil and Gas
eFCAS Production Data Management System (PDMS)
eFCAS Salt Water Disposal
• Production Well Testing
Production Data Collection

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Also, where eFCAS ends, CPU's IntelliPlant product begins and
connects all of your production and plant floor data to the Enterprise.
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